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NFL Flag by Jim Downey

NFL Flag 9/25/17 This veteran and many more do not agree with politics in football. Taking a knee is not an indication of America’s “stand” for freedom and equality. Why not double down and do two knees, making sure you

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NO Obama Care, period…… by Jim Downey

NO Obama Care, period…… 6/28/2017 We sent our elected Senators to Washington to drain the swamp and what does one of them do, he forgot THE PROMISE to get rid of Obama care. Must be a blue coat republican, or

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Alex Statue by Jim Downey

Alex Statue 6/6/2017 D DAY The other day I happened upon the Alexandria Louisiana city councils meeting (Channel four) about the concern of a couple of preachers and about Councilman Larvadain’s Johnny Reb statue. Evidently God had told them that

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Rope a dope by Jim Downey

Rope a dope 6/1/2017 Trump has the Democrats, the politicians and the lying news dudes on the ropes again / still. Cassius Clay’s “Rope a dope” favorite step is alive and well in Trumps hands. I love it when he

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Destruction of monuments by Jim Downey

Destruction of monuments 5/20/2017 Seems our West Point graduate / Veteran, Louisiana Governor Edwards and the Attorney General, Jeff Landry, forgot that they represent, all Louisiana Citizens. And that their job is to protect the property owned by all… The

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Barter Town 3/8/2017 by Jim Downey

Barter Town 3/8/2017 Mad Max’s “Bordertown” is alive and well. It was relocated to Washington DC. on the democrat’s side. Rumor has it that the move included a trip through Russia for some dialog preparation for the internet leaks. Looks

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Vet statues NO 3/8/17 by Jim Downey

Vet statues NO 3/8/17 The racist are loose again in New Orleans. Now they have spit in the Eye of all Veterans. The Soldiers on the statues did not start the civil war. (Conflict) Soldiers’ do not start wars, but

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MEDIA LAPDOGS BECOME RABID ATTACK DOGS The liberal media have awakened from their eight years of slumber. The Trump presidency has turned dozing Obama lapdogs into insanely rabid Trump attack dogs. Over the past few weeks, the media has been

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DEATH TO AMERICA PROTESTS SPREAD FROM BERKELEY TO TEHRAN Today, on the 38th anniversary of the 1979 Islamic revolution, thousands of Iranians demonstrated in Tehran. As usual, the crowd rallied against the “Great Satan,” yelling “Death to America.” They were

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Donald Trumps Contract with the American Voter


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