Barter Town 3/8/2017 by Jim Downey

Barter Town


Mad Max’s “Bordertown” is alive and well. It was relocated to Washington DC. on the democrat’s side. Rumor has it that the move included a trip through Russia for some dialog preparation for the internet leaks. Looks like Mama Pelosi wants to be Aunty Entity by talking a blue streak, which does not count as singing. Trump is obviously up for Mad Max! For more fun assign an individual, politician or a talking head to the appropriate character. Bartertown, Thunder Dome and the Democratic Party in the beltway! As to thunder dome, it also appears that it is the democrats turn in the cage. Notice the seating arrangement for President Trump’s speech, stage right for Democrats… Note the Democratic audience, on the left are located stage Right, how appropriate. I suspect the folks dressed in white, (no hoods this time) were/are probable the ones responsible for feeding the pigs for the fuel farm at Thunder Doom. It was good to see that the democratic electorate paid by the democratic tax payers are doing nothing but sitting on their thumbs instead of working for their money. More Democratic money give-a-ways. After all they too get free food (expense accounts) travel, and free cell phones. That’s a good job benefit that not available to the rest of us. That waste of money will correct itself next election. Will the dems reelect a representative that wastes their money? Then we will have to put Democtats on the endangered species list. Obama was caught trying to catch the last train out of Bartertown. Seems his whisper to the Russian wasn’t followed up and he did not do as promised for the Russian. Is it possible that the Russian got him elected and he didn’t get Putin a part in the 007 movies? Oh well what goes around turns around and bites you somewhere or leaks about it on the web or your leg….

Jim Downey

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