Comments from Derek Jones 10-24-13

I’m sure terrorists will follow gun control.

Gun control will never stop illegal possesion and definatly not invasion of radicals that use anything for a weapon.



President Hypocrite

This is major irony to speak about gun control in the war machine family, when 2nd amendment has protected the US from ground invasion. That’s why UN wants so bad for our politicians to do away with it. Everyone has the free will to resist evil that’s why we vote and why executive order is used so frequently.



It’s just a new tax debt

When people can’t buy insurance from exchanges, if they own any property with a legal discription it will be confiscated to meet this tax debt. People need to know this and everyone ignores it!!!

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One comment on “Comments from Derek Jones 10-24-13
  1. MsPat says:

    Regarding the new tax debt. The reason not much has been discussed about the confiscation of peoples homes is because there are so many issues in this ACA that people have not been able to get into many of the underlying problems. The reason they want your property is because of Agenda 21 in which the government will take your property and put you in government housing which guarantees control of your family, including water & electricity usage among other rules for living.

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