Destruction of monuments by Jim Downey

Destruction of monuments

Seems our West Point graduate / Veteran, Louisiana Governor Edwards and the Attorney General, Jeff Landry, forgot that they represent, all Louisiana Citizens. And that their job is to protect the property owned by all… The so called mayor of New Orleans organized a raid and destruction of the people’s property, namely the Confederate Monuments in that city. Our city, not the Mayor’s. Our Attorney General (a real vet) should get off his back side and arrest Mr. Landrieu. Where did the Mayor get the money to hire a black ops team for a night attack? Did any funds come from the black panthers? Where they armed? What amount were team members paid? Did those funds come from Governor Edwards’s budget or the city tax? Were any of the mask workers, city employees? If someone shook the heritage trees, would any of those involved, black or white, appear on the records of the Confederacy soldiers rosters? Keep in mind there were 15000 Black Confederate soldiers. The proper action would be to let the citizens vote their wishes and not let some DS Mayor use a few racist to destroy veteran’s monument. Are monuments in front of churches next? I would hope that The Disabled American Veterans (DAV) and The Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) that scheduled their convention this year in New Orleans will rethink it, for the next year and will say something when they get there…. What is the link between Confederate veteran and Vietnam veterans? They both lost and were not welcomed home….
Jim Downey

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