Impeachment will fix… by Derek Jones 1024-13

Impeachment will reverse  many unneeded  executive orders, return power to the Constitution and to the common sense people of this country not continue the “Yes” communist control of an elite few. Contact your senators, congressmen, and representitives today and tell them “we are fed up with fed”, get it right or get out, they will be next to be “voted off D.C. Island”. By supporting either cause in Syria is to aid a threat to our national security which goes against our Constitution. By acting in this conflict without congressional approval goes against the Constitution. Defense Secretary Kerry agrees with the “unchecked balance of power in the executive branch”. They also are going against U.N. Security Council by acting without approval. Very hypocritical.  If we do not stop the by-pass of our Constitution and legislators we could and are most likely to be on every country’s hit list. The recent comments and actions of this administration are a putting us all “in harms way”. Tell them today. Tell them also to audit the fed and  cut ties to them because the loss of “unaccounted trillions under reveiw” is considered a red flag in my book. Still no  answer on that.  Tell them to audit D. H. H. for advertising expenses of nearly $500 million and investigate Sibilius office for intimidation, soliciting and favoritism complaints. Tell them to audit Dept. of Education for possible bribery of money strapped districts to accept a politically based curriculum that wasn’ t approved by anyone but possibly non-profit NGOs created in the North East to funnel tax dollars back too for “training” and continuing education mandates. These govt. approved mandates will continue to cost tax payers and never be reversed just like “Obamacare Mandates”. In less than a month unless we act and make our legislators do the same the Health Care Act will be one more way to take your property to satisfy your health care “tax debt” premium if you cannot pay it. Do you want to pay interest and penalties on your health insurance premium? I don’t. Tell them it is time to shut down the communist collection arm, the IRS, and stop usury against us all. Sales tax would be enough with common sense and no pet projects. Soon, if we wait for others to act there will be nothing left to act for. Wake up and do one thing today! Call, write, protest, engage in conversation, or foward this.

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