NFL Flag by Jim Downey

NFL Flag
This veteran and many more do not agree with politics in football. Taking a knee is not an indication of America’s “stand” for freedom and equality. Why not double down and do two knees, making sure you are pointed in the right direction. Many have died guaranteeing freedom, including everyone’s freedom to be stupid. That same freedom also grants my choice to change the channel to cartoons and other sports. Freedom to express your displeasure is earned and not free. Those who paid the price are not here to put a boot on the appropriate butts. If you do not know what you are complaining about and what specific act is required to fix the problem then shut up or catch the next boat elsewhere. If it is about “RACE” then what about a specific race problem. Maybe it is because there are not enough white dudes and women on the football team? How about a little affirmative action there? Maybe the football players would give up half their salary for a couple years to fix “the problem?” It is one thing to complain about a squeaking wheel and knowing how to fix it or, just wait for it to fall off. Is not it strange how many dudes, including Hollywood think they are so much smarter than Trump. Something like Healthcare just wait, till the money runs out!!!!!
Jim Downey

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