NO Obama Care, period…… by Jim Downey

NO Obama Care, period……
We sent our elected Senators to Washington to drain the swamp and what does one of them do, he forgot THE PROMISE to get rid of Obama care. Must be a blue coat republican, or Money talks. Follows is a list of why that needs to happen in our state and probable the rest of the country…
1 Hospital within Hospitals makes no sense. Hospitals with provider numbers for everything from X-ray to window cleaners. Hospitals that are sold to out of state to corporations, is just another level of supervision costs… Remember like Washington 70% of out of state corporations are for decoration and the other 25 percent are doing the work. Hospitals physicians are moving out to join the corner “ a- box” parade?
2. Rural and small one doc facilities quitting because of restrictions for him having a small lab or an x-ray machine that’s not much different from a mobile X-ray provider.
3. Nursing home that magically become rehabilitation, hospice care, and pharmacy facility. Bend them in the middle, give them pills, and load them in a box.
4. Deinstitutalation of ICF (intensive care facilities) told to close, so state Senators, House members and kin can open a community home…
5. It is not only the cost of insurance companies desire to make their board members rich but because of ,diagnosis-related–group (DRG) number increases proportionately to the number of providers, time the money equal their cost per action/treatment to include Band-Aids. Something like book list cost to change a car alternator.
6. Pharmacy cost constantly increase finding a new elixir will drive the cost up. Never mind that if you make a thousand pills that cost is zero.
7. Any medical or patient driven provider thinks that if they are accredited they do not have to comply with state and federal law. Accreditation means the paper work looks good. Federal certification and State licensing means someone (state employees) is going to ask patients questions and check to see what works when you flip the switch… The days of one bill for a hospital procedure are gone. Now every TDH (Tom Dick and Harry) want a piece of your pie. And all you are left with is dirty forks.
8. Patient Computer records, now there is an excellent example of what happens when government screws up a good idea. Every doc has a different program and web site and none can talk to each other. A bigger problem is now doc’s have to spend more time on the computer than with the patient… What is next a phone booth for diagnosis and robot for surgery/overhauls!?
9. The democrats think the new care plan will cause people to die. Guess they have never passed a cemetery. Everyone dies…Medical magic can do just so much. God is the only one in charge of that schedule and your money or politics cannot make any difference. I just figured out why the Democratic liked Obama care so much. They will qualify for preexisting mental status as former democrats.
Jim Downey

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