“Pray Hard” Derek Jones 10-23-13

They make history but you can’t talk about history in school, they spout transparency but use closed door session, “it’s not me it’s you”, want peace but buy millions of outlawed bullets for home land security, want us to swallow their bitter pill of Obamacare but wont take the “same great deal”, supposed to be affordable but needs tax credits, exemptions, and subsidies, has doubled the cost of single payer and HHS director solicites implementation money, threaten Syria but already assisting rebels, take God out of schools and government here but support religious fundamentalist in other counties and envolve our troops who half to hide our flag and there religious preference from the foreingners we help, over tax and over regulate us then give away billions in other countries while in a multi-trillion dollar debt, they give themselves raises while the medium income is five times less. What are we teaching our children? OH, YEAH, NOTHING, WE HAVEN’T STOPPED DUMBING DOWN EDUCATION YET. PRAY HARD-DEREK

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