Red Shoes by Jim Downey 3/1/13

Red Shoes


I think I have finally figured it out. “Bamo” is scouring the country in search of “red slippers” to improve his appearance and position in life. In just a few years he has managed to divide the country into “The North” and “The South” again. Thus the one per centers having succeeded in that division. Does not that qualify him to be elected Pope? Then he can split the catholic world into small bands of dudes in robes and keep them scattered throughout the world.  If everyone would just send him one pair of red slippers, maybe he will move to Italy.  If his leadership had defined sequester as used in the south, he would then be very useful to the Europeans, after all, they are used to spending money on things they do not need. It would even be possible that when he breaks up the Catholic Church, he could be anointed the King of “Iran.”  PeeWee and he could rule the world. If “Bamo” had spent any time in the south he would know that sequester in the south is old hat. And it has been happening since the 70’s.  Some have cut back on the $500.00 pairs of sneakers. Others have cut back on belt purchases, thus their pants hang off their butt (which is a good thing because then they run like a girl.) Some have cut back on the number of free cell phones they have. Even others stopped selling their food stamps because they do not taste good. Some have even bought clothes one size to small so they could save cotton.

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