Rope a dope by Jim Downey

Rope a dope
Trump has the Democrats, the politicians and the lying news dudes on the ropes again / still. Cassius Clay’s “Rope a dope” favorite step is alive and well in Trumps hands. I love it when he tweets something and it set them off again on a witch hunt, something like poking a fire ant mound with a stick… And the Democrats are too dumb to figure it out. The Flynn / Russian thing is the best so far. Remembering the “Follow the Money thing”, where did the Russian money and the Turks money go after it left Flynn’s hands, supposedly? Might want to check the Senate Democrats high priest pockets. If there is any money, there will be the greasy trail of influence leading strait to the senate democrats. Remember Ollie North, where did the money he funneled for arms go? not his pockets. How do you know Flynn was not a double 00 and three quarter dude? The democrates are so flustered because they no longer have the power to influence anything because of the “Draining of the swamp” thing. Remember there are gators in the swamp and mounds of fire ants and maybe a Hillary or two. I imagine Johnny Carson is looking for a big stick to whack the current herd of worthless night show hosts. If they would insult their parents the way they pile on Trump, you can bet their dad, if they know who he is, he would be looking for a big stick to whack them. Please someone start whacking, all the phony news is giving me a headache. Go Trump.

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