Senator Ted Cruz warned of “New York Values.” from Col Dechert

Forwarded for information with my complete indorsement—I am not a Roman Catholic nor have I ever been one.

The US has been sinking beyond recovery for years. Even those who say they support the Constitution are in actuality only supporting an ideal recollection of what that Constitution was: the legal Constitution of the US has not been the governing instrument of administering justice or the operations of the US Government for decades.

Kennedy was and the Clintons are just as gross as I have always declared Trump to be (maybe worse: Clinton favored group sex with young women around the White House swimming pool. The entire truth of Obama remains for eventual unveiling. Yet in each of the election campaigns of these paragons of filth US Catholics and Jews voted 66% or higher supporting each one. Secular Protestants voted in the same % and higher.

Bill Clinton was an unindicted felon (draft evasion) and serial sexual predator when he was elected Governor in Arkansas and later twice elected President of the US. His wife is currently an unindicted felon (and worse) destined to be President of the US. The great majorities enjoyed by Kennedy, B Clinton, and Obama are right now supporting Mrs. Clinton and will continue to do so even though the truth has been widely disclosed.

The biggest religious development in the current secular political battle, so far as I am concerned, has been the moral surrender of the US “Evangelical” community to Trump, led by Liberty University, with unofficial declarations that “Trump is Christian enough.” With this blasphemy the Evangelicals ceased to exist and joined the secular Protestants, unleashing the filth of Trump on the culture, reputation and world perception of the USA.

Small wonder that Russia, et al, and proceeding to launch and win WWIII. The US is now residency of moral putridity.

A closing illustration: as any homeowner knows you keep on and on flushing a toilet enough it will clog up and you are left with excrement floating to the top. We are now being asked to vote one or the other of these two surface wads flushed up by our culture–and the Republican National Committee is complicit in foisting this moral Armageddon and should be sued by the State organizations.

Senator Ted Cruz warned of “New York Values.” Trump and Clintons continue to demonstrate the truth of Senator Cruz’s unheeded and broadly condemned warning.

Louis T Dechert

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