NFL Flag by Jim Downey

NFL Flag
This veteran and many more do not agree with politics in football. Taking a knee is not an indication of America’s “stand” for freedom and equality. Why not double down and do two knees, making sure you are pointed in the right direction. Many have died guaranteeing freedom, including everyone’s freedom to be stupid. That same freedom also grants my choice to change the channel to cartoons and other sports. Freedom to express your displeasure is earned and not free. Those who paid the price are not here to put a boot on the appropriate butts. If you do not know what you are complaining about and what specific act is required to fix the problem then shut up or catch the next boat elsewhere. If it is about “RACE” then what about a specific race problem. Maybe it is because there are not enough white dudes and women on the football team? How about a little affirmative action there? Maybe the football players would give up half their salary for a couple years to fix “the problem?” It is one thing to complain about a squeaking wheel and knowing how to fix it or, just wait for it to fall off. Is not it strange how many dudes, including Hollywood think they are so much smarter than Trump. Something like Healthcare just wait, till the money runs out!!!!!
Jim Downey

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NO Obama Care, period…… by Jim Downey

NO Obama Care, period……
We sent our elected Senators to Washington to drain the swamp and what does one of them do, he forgot THE PROMISE to get rid of Obama care. Must be a blue coat republican, or Money talks. Follows is a list of why that needs to happen in our state and probable the rest of the country…
1 Hospital within Hospitals makes no sense. Hospitals with provider numbers for everything from X-ray to window cleaners. Hospitals that are sold to out of state to corporations, is just another level of supervision costs… Remember like Washington 70% of out of state corporations are for decoration and the other 25 percent are doing the work. Hospitals physicians are moving out to join the corner “ a- box” parade?
2. Rural and small one doc facilities quitting because of restrictions for him having a small lab or an x-ray machine that’s not much different from a mobile X-ray provider.
3. Nursing home that magically become rehabilitation, hospice care, and pharmacy facility. Bend them in the middle, give them pills, and load them in a box.
4. Deinstitutalation of ICF (intensive care facilities) told to close, so state Senators, House members and kin can open a community home…
5. It is not only the cost of insurance companies desire to make their board members rich but because of ,diagnosis-related–group (DRG) number increases proportionately to the number of providers, time the money equal their cost per action/treatment to include Band-Aids. Something like book list cost to change a car alternator.
6. Pharmacy cost constantly increase finding a new elixir will drive the cost up. Never mind that if you make a thousand pills that cost is zero.
7. Any medical or patient driven provider thinks that if they are accredited they do not have to comply with state and federal law. Accreditation means the paper work looks good. Federal certification and State licensing means someone (state employees) is going to ask patients questions and check to see what works when you flip the switch… The days of one bill for a hospital procedure are gone. Now every TDH (Tom Dick and Harry) want a piece of your pie. And all you are left with is dirty forks.
8. Patient Computer records, now there is an excellent example of what happens when government screws up a good idea. Every doc has a different program and web site and none can talk to each other. A bigger problem is now doc’s have to spend more time on the computer than with the patient… What is next a phone booth for diagnosis and robot for surgery/overhauls!?
9. The democrats think the new care plan will cause people to die. Guess they have never passed a cemetery. Everyone dies…Medical magic can do just so much. God is the only one in charge of that schedule and your money or politics cannot make any difference. I just figured out why the Democratic liked Obama care so much. They will qualify for preexisting mental status as former democrats.
Jim Downey

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Alex Statue by Jim Downey

Alex Statue
6/6/2017 D DAY
The other day I happened upon the Alexandria Louisiana city councils meeting (Channel four) about the concern of a couple of preachers and about Councilman Larvadain’s Johnny Reb statue. Evidently God had told them that the reb had to go. Seems to me the preachers missed Gods message about doing something about all the young men shooting each other and not to worry about statues. He probably reminded them, the preachers / messengers) to channel their efforts in; (1) putting God back in the court house in the form of the ten commandments, (2) placing more empaths on “so help me god,” and (3) mentioning his name in school prayers, and sporting event “take a Knee’s” and for the fans, ( HIS Short List). He probably indicated that they had better straighten up before sharia law takes a hold and their church monuments are destroyed. As hard as I looked at the statue, I could not determine if Ed Larvadain’s Johnny Reb was black or white. Nothing on his sleeve indicated his or her rank or races either. Tomb stones in Pineville’s National Cemetery, CSA markers do not indicate race either. What makes some of the city council members think their rights override my rights or anyone else’s? If we are both equal, the councils expecting special privileges are to override my desire is not therefore equal. Is that not special privilege that will end up with the council being dictators or slave masters? Too bad all the veteran organizations have excluded fellow American veterans and turned their backs… Not this one

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Rope a dope by Jim Downey

Rope a dope
Trump has the Democrats, the politicians and the lying news dudes on the ropes again / still. Cassius Clay’s “Rope a dope” favorite step is alive and well in Trumps hands. I love it when he tweets something and it set them off again on a witch hunt, something like poking a fire ant mound with a stick… And the Democrats are too dumb to figure it out. The Flynn / Russian thing is the best so far. Remembering the “Follow the Money thing”, where did the Russian money and the Turks money go after it left Flynn’s hands, supposedly? Might want to check the Senate Democrats high priest pockets. If there is any money, there will be the greasy trail of influence leading strait to the senate democrats. Remember Ollie North, where did the money he funneled for arms go? not his pockets. How do you know Flynn was not a double 00 and three quarter dude? The democrates are so flustered because they no longer have the power to influence anything because of the “Draining of the swamp” thing. Remember there are gators in the swamp and mounds of fire ants and maybe a Hillary or two. I imagine Johnny Carson is looking for a big stick to whack the current herd of worthless night show hosts. If they would insult their parents the way they pile on Trump, you can bet their dad, if they know who he is, he would be looking for a big stick to whack them. Please someone start whacking, all the phony news is giving me a headache. Go Trump.

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Destruction of monuments by Jim Downey

Destruction of monuments

Seems our West Point graduate / Veteran, Louisiana Governor Edwards and the Attorney General, Jeff Landry, forgot that they represent, all Louisiana Citizens. And that their job is to protect the property owned by all… The so called mayor of New Orleans organized a raid and destruction of the people’s property, namely the Confederate Monuments in that city. Our city, not the Mayor’s. Our Attorney General (a real vet) should get off his back side and arrest Mr. Landrieu. Where did the Mayor get the money to hire a black ops team for a night attack? Did any funds come from the black panthers? Where they armed? What amount were team members paid? Did those funds come from Governor Edwards’s budget or the city tax? Were any of the mask workers, city employees? If someone shook the heritage trees, would any of those involved, black or white, appear on the records of the Confederacy soldiers rosters? Keep in mind there were 15000 Black Confederate soldiers. The proper action would be to let the citizens vote their wishes and not let some DS Mayor use a few racist to destroy veteran’s monument. Are monuments in front of churches next? I would hope that The Disabled American Veterans (DAV) and The Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) that scheduled their convention this year in New Orleans will rethink it, for the next year and will say something when they get there…. What is the link between Confederate veteran and Vietnam veterans? They both lost and were not welcomed home….
Jim Downey

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Barter Town 3/8/2017 by Jim Downey

Barter Town


Mad Max’s “Bordertown” is alive and well. It was relocated to Washington DC. on the democrat’s side. Rumor has it that the move included a trip through Russia for some dialog preparation for the internet leaks. Looks like Mama Pelosi wants to be Aunty Entity by talking a blue streak, which does not count as singing. Trump is obviously up for Mad Max! For more fun assign an individual, politician or a talking head to the appropriate character. Bartertown, Thunder Dome and the Democratic Party in the beltway! As to thunder dome, it also appears that it is the democrats turn in the cage. Notice the seating arrangement for President Trump’s speech, stage right for Democrats… Note the Democratic audience, on the left are located stage Right, how appropriate. I suspect the folks dressed in white, (no hoods this time) were/are probable the ones responsible for feeding the pigs for the fuel farm at Thunder Doom. It was good to see that the democratic electorate paid by the democratic tax payers are doing nothing but sitting on their thumbs instead of working for their money. More Democratic money give-a-ways. After all they too get free food (expense accounts) travel, and free cell phones. That’s a good job benefit that not available to the rest of us. That waste of money will correct itself next election. Will the dems reelect a representative that wastes their money? Then we will have to put Democtats on the endangered species list. Obama was caught trying to catch the last train out of Bartertown. Seems his whisper to the Russian wasn’t followed up and he did not do as promised for the Russian. Is it possible that the Russian got him elected and he didn’t get Putin a part in the 007 movies? Oh well what goes around turns around and bites you somewhere or leaks about it on the web or your leg….

Jim Downey

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Vet statues NO 3/8/17 by Jim Downey

Vet statues NO


The racist are loose again in New Orleans. Now they have spit in the Eye of all Veterans. The Soldiers on the statues did not start the civil war. (Conflict) Soldiers’ do not start wars, but lots die because of it. Evidently the term “follow the money” was not included in their thought process. How much tourist money is involved? How many of those tourist are veterans. Did they consider money to be lost by the absence of tourist money from the following: The Word War Two Museum, the Confederate Museums (Memorial Hall), Military associations, DAV, VFW, Legion), history buffs, the surrounding military bases, the vets working for the city, vets in small business. Vets, like Elvis, are every place, every color, quietly but still involved. One final thought, what do Confederate Veterans have in common with Vietnam veterans? They both lost and were not welcomed home.

Jim Downey

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The liberal media have awakened from their eight years of slumber. The Trump presidency has turned dozing Obama lapdogs into insanely rabid Trump attack dogs.
Over the past few weeks, the media has been involved in a feeding frenzy trying to harm the new administration by focusing on one “fake news” scandal after another.

The most recent controversy involves the resignation of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and his conversations with Sergey Kislyak, the Russian Ambassador to the United States during the transition period for the Trump administration.

In these discussions, there was a mention of the new U.S. sanctions issued against the Russian government by the Obama administration. These conversations were recorded and the contents of the call were leaked to the Washington Post in violation of the law. Flynn was either forgetful or not truthful when discussing the issue with Vice President Mike Pence, who said on Face the Nation that the National Security Adviser did not discuss the issue of sanctions with the Russian Ambassador.

After giving Pence false information, Flynn had to resign, but he seemingly did not break any laws when he discussed sanctions or other issues with the Russian Ambassador. In presidential transitions, it is commonplace for officials in a new administration to make contacts with foreign leaders. What is unique in this case is the leaking of the conversation to the media and the active effort within the massive federal bureaucracy to harm the Trump presidency. In that case, laws were broken and an immediate investigation is warranted.

Instead of probing the leaks or the bureaucratic resistance to the new President, the mainstream media is focusing on the Russian connection and speculating if the Donald Trump is being blackmailed. They are pushing the narrative that the Russians stole the election for Trump and he is beholden to them. The Flynn story just allows the media to engage in wild, unsubstantiated speculation about Trump’s so-called Russian involvement and mention that this is another possible “Watergate” scandal.

Fortunately, our new President is not a shrinking violet and can return fire to the media. Yesterday, in his first post inaugural news conference, President Trump held court for 77 minutes and enjoyed himself while scolding the media for their “dishonest” practices. He reserved special anger for CNN’s biased reporting and celebrated the low ratings of their host Don Lemon’s evening program.

To understand the reason for new aggressive attitude toward the Trump administration, it is vital to recognize that the media is overwhelmingly liberal. This has been the case for decades and it is getting worse, not better. For example, the Center for Public Integrity investigated all 2016 presidential campaign donations linked to journalists. An astounding 96% of all journalist contributions, $382,000, were given to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, whereas only 4% of donations, $14,000, benefited the Trump campaign. Trump’s meager fundraising haul was on par with his almost non-existent positive media coverage, no wonder he feels hostility toward the Fourth Estate.

The media’s relationship to the President was much different during the Obama years. While Barack Obama was President, most reporters acted like cheerleaders advocating his agenda, not tough investigators probing controversies in his administration. There could have been investigations galore on Obama administration scandals such as Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS targeting of Tea Party groups, and many more.

Instead, as noted by Peter Hasson of the Daily Caller, President Obama was asked plenty of softball questions during his eight years in office. For instance, during his first year in office, Harry Smith of CBS asked, “Golf what does it do for you?” A better question would have been, “Mr. President, with all of the problems at home and abroad, how have you found the time to play 306 rounds of golf during your presidency?”

Not to be outdone, Jeff Zeleny of the New York Times asked President Obama, what “enchanted” him the most during his first 100 days in office? It was a pathetic question from an “enchanted” reporter working at a newspaper that was a journalistic outpost for Obama administration.

Even mainstream Republican and former George W. Bush White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer admitted that the press had gone “soft” on President Obama and now “they want to change their tune” and get more aggressive with Donald Trump.

While they attempt to taint Trump with accusations of “Watergate” and other ridiculous hyperbole, millions of Americans have stopped watching their programs or reading their drivel in print and online. As Fleischer noted, a recent Gallup poll showed that “trust in press reporting accurately and fairly is at an all-time low.”

This intense attack on our new President just reaffirms why the public has such a low regard for the media. In the battle of Trump versus the media, it would be a good idea to bet on the President who already defeated his political opponents and the media to get elected.

If President Trump can make speeches, conduct news conferences and go on social media to communicate directly with the American people, he can get his unfiltered message to the public without the bias and negativity of the media. All he needs the media for is to be his favorite target of ridicule.

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Today, on the 38th anniversary of the 1979 Islamic revolution, thousands of Iranians demonstrated in Tehran. As usual, the crowd rallied against the “Great Satan,” yelling “Death to America.” They were burning the American flag and effigies of Donald Trump and stomping on the President’s picture.

Police and military personnel joined the protest this year which was focused on condemning Donald Trump and his agenda. The intensity of the anti-Americanism was particularly intense since President Trump issued sanctions against the country in response to their inter-continental ballistic missile test. The Trump administration declared that the test violated the 2015 nuclear agreement between the Iran and six world powers and United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231 that banned the country from “any activity related to ballistic missiles.” In response, the United States officially put Iran “on notice.” The Iranian regime ignored the President’s warning and promptly launched another ballistic missile test.

Unfortunately, the anti-Trump rally in Tehran bore some striking similarities with protests that have been organized in this country. After the election of Donald Trump on November 8, liberal organizations have been working non-stop to create unrest. One activist claimed that the goal was to make the country “ungovernable.” Thus, American flags have been burned, Trump supporters have been attacked, and the President has been threatened by numerous celebrities, activists and street thugs.

For example, last week in Berkeley, California demonstrators lit fires, threw firecrackers, broke windows, defaced property, yelled obscenities and prevented conservative commentator Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking to a Republican group. These activists obviously do not believe in the 1st Amendment, our U.S. Constitution or free speech, so possibly they would be more comfortable in an Islamic dictatorship like Iran.

In both Berkeley and Tehran, demonstrators were spewing anti-American hate speech while being totally uninterested in recognizing opposing views. In Tehran, Iranian protesters waved posters of Donald Trump being punched. Similarly, in Berkeley and other cities, leftist demonstrators have demonized, ridiculed and threatened Donald Trump and his supporters. The protest at Berkeley was not an isolated incident. At the Women’s March in Washington D.C., Madonna claimed that she had thought about “blowing up the White House.”

In Tehran, demonstrators are controlled by radical Islamic clerics who encourage the anti-American protests every year. Iranians do not have the right to oppose these religious leaders for there are no free speech rights in their country. Based on a recent report by Reporters Without Borders, Iran ranked as the fifth worst country in the world in regards to free speech and freedom of the press. Instead of blaming Donald Trump for all their problems, these protesters should be demonstrating against their country’s tyrannical regime.

In the United States, the political left has exploded into violent protests since the election of Donald Trump as President. These leftist mobs are funded by George Soros, communist groups and other extremist organizations like Black Lives Matter.

The purpose of demonstrators in both Tehran and Berkeley is to bring about the destruction of our nation’s constitutional republic. Many of the Soros backed demonstrators want to overturn the election, impeach Donald Trump and disregard the vote of the people. These dangerous activities go against the history of our nation. One of our hallmarks has been the peaceful transfer of power from one administration to the next. In this case, crazed demonstrators are not accepting the results and acting in a very counterproductive manner that may have long range negative implications on this country.

In Iran, the mullahs want to spread terrorism and radical Islamic rule. The country is the largest supporter of terrorism in the world. There is irrefutable evidence that the Iranians fund terror groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Houthis in Yemen. Sadly, the recent nuclear agreement with the country included billions of dollars in payoffs that will be used to support more terrorism. In addition, the Iranian release of American prisoners was also accompanied by a $1.3 billion ransom. In effect, the outlaw regime was rewarded for unlawfully jailing innocent Americans.

One common thread in these demonstrations has been a hatred of President Donald Trump and his policies. After examining the dangerous goals of both groups, it is obvious that the President is on the right path.

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Donald Trumps Contract with the American Voter


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