On the Ballot in November are Amendments to our State Constitution, here is some info

Please study these Amendments; there are a couple shadily worded one that needs a hell no vote!!!
There is links to the actual bills please take the time to review them!!!
1 2016 PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS . November 8, 2016 Election . The six (6) constitutional amendments that will be on the ballot for the . November 8, 2016

I just got it but ole Lance Harris tried to sell us on these Amendment last week, but several of us seen through his Bull!!!!
Like I said there are a few that is a collage, a word puke!!! Reading it make one nauseated literally!
I will comment on my opinion about each one, ether nay or yay, if that is OK?
Also if anyone want to comment on the pro’s or con’s I would love to hear from anyone!!!
I think it is important we discuss these to make sure we are dong the right thing for Louisiana!!!

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Every four years, Republican presidential candidates walk into a big trap, the debates. The supposedly non-partisan Commission on Presidential Debates leans decidedly left. The co-chairs of the commission include an establishment Republican, former GOP Chairman Frank Fahrenkopf, Jr., and a former Clinton Press Secretary, Mike McCurry. Neither of these gentlemen is a conservative and both are probably privately supporting Hillary Clinton for President.

The group’s board of directors consists of liberals like former television anchorman Charlie Gibson and so-called moderate Republicans like former U.S. Senators Olympia Snowe and John Danforth. In fact, in an interview last December, Danforth lamented the conservative direction of the Republican Party and labeled Donald Trump “a self-proclaimed great man.” It is an outrage that the debate commission would keep on their board of directors someone who holds such anti-Trump views.

Clearly, the Commission on Presidential Debates is biased against any conservative like Trump. However, even a moderate like 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney faced unfair treatment. In the infamous encounter with moderator Candy Crowley, Romney was denied the opportunity to make a final statement, even though it was outlined in the rules. Crowley also supported President Obama in a dispute with Romney about the terrorist attack in Benghazi. Moderators are not supposed to take sides; they are supposed to be objective.

For the 2016 debates, the commission has once again chosen liberal moderators, with the exception of Chris Wallace of Fox News, who is a truly objective journalist. The liberals include Lester Holt of NBC, Anderson Cooper of CNN, and Elaine Quijano of CBS and Martha Raddatz of ABC, who moderated a debate in 2012.

It should be noted that Republicans have long been skeptical of Raddatz since President Obama attended her wedding in 1991. Not surprisingly, she invited President Obama to her wedding. In addition, Raddatz’s husband was appointed by Obama to the FCC, so there should be no confusion about her allegiances. Her performance in the 2012 Vice Presidential debate was atrocious, as the incumbent Joe Biden was allowed to completely dominate his GOP opponent, Representative Paul Ryan, and interrupt frequently.

Elaine Quijano has used her position on CBS to advocate for illegal aliens and the threat of global warming. She claimed that this threat could cause a 10-foot increase in sea levels, which would put “much of South Florida underwater.” Since GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has been tough on the issue of illegal immigration and believes that global warming is a hoax, it is doubtful that a moderator who holds such opposing views will be fair and balanced.

Lester Holt surely leans left and his feelings were exposed after President Obama’s recent speech to the Democratic National Convention. He described it as “a powerful arc embracing hope and optimism.” Undoubtedly, Holt would never describe a Donald Trump speech in such a manner.

The other moderator, Anderson Cooper, is clearly another liberal. For years, he has advocated for gay rights and same sex marriage. For example, in the aftermath of the terrorist attack in Orlando Florida, Cooper interviewed Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi. He used the opportunity to condemn her for opposing gay marriage, a view a liberal like Cooper believes is unacceptable.

With liberal moderators dominating the presidential debates, Hillary Clinton will surely have the advantage. This is no surprise to Trump, who knows the commission is biased against him. Back in July, he blasted the commission when it was announced that two of the debates were scheduled against NFL games. Trump tweeted to his followers that “As usual, Hillary and the Dems are trying to rig the debates so 2 are up against major NFL games.”

The commission claimed that the dates were set and could not be changed; however, if they wanted to avoid NFL games they could have scheduled the debates for Tuesday or Wednesday nights when there are no professional football games played. Instead, they chose to schedule at the same time, which will surely impact the audience for the debates.

Trump believes that the commission is trying to limit the viewing audience for the presidential debates as the DNC did in the primaries by scheduling debates on NFL game days. The DNC tactic was a ploy to help Hillary Clinton in her battle against Senator Bernie Sanders for the party’s nomination.

For these debates, despite the conflicts and the liberal moderators, there will be a significant viewing audience. Due to Trump’s personality and flair, there is tremendous interest in this year’s presidential race.

Hopefully, Trump will be given ample opportunities in the debates to present his ideas on how to move this country in a positive direction. The commission’s questionable scheduling and moderator selection notwithstanding, Trump should do well in these upcoming debates as long as he is treated fairly. Unfortunately, for a Republican presidential candidate, especially a maverick conservative like Donald Trump, to receive fair treatment in the presidential debates is far from guaranteed.

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It has been 265 days since the Democrat Party presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, held a news conference. This type of press stonewalling is unprecedented for a presidential candidate in modern American political history.

The American people have a right to know where presidential candidates stand on important issues and how they respond to various controversies. While her GOP opponent, Donald Trump, has held numerous and extensive news conferences in recent months, Hillary Clinton has employed a hide and go seek strategy with the press. Sadly, she has refused to engage the national news media in an open and honest manner and, in the process; shown tremendous disrespect for the American people.

The press should be outraged over such poor treatment, but they follow a different set of rules for Hillary Clinton. She is an exception as the first woman to be a major political party’s presidential nominee. She also merits special treatment because she is a liberal and a politician with the last name of Clinton, a hallowed name among so-called American journalists.

The old image of tough investigative reporters is a vestige of the past. The vast majority of today’s journalists are merely liberal cheerleaders trying to cause problems for conservative candidates and help the Democrat Party in every possible way. Over the years, numerous surveys of journalists have confirmed the unmistakable liberal bias; however, this year it is more blatant. In fact, Jorge Ramos of Univision, whose daughter worked in the Obama administration, claims that “neutrality is not an option” since Donald Trump is so “polarizing and disrupting.”

With the press as her staunchest advocates, Clinton has been free to ignore them. In a few instances, Mrs. Clinton has agreed to be interviewed. For example, she appeared on some friendly programs with non-threatening hosts such as Jimmy Kimmel or Chris Wallace of Fox News, but such encounters have been few and far between. She will not appear on a program with an aggressive reporter peppering her with tough questions. In contrast, Donald Trump is on television almost nightly answering questions from a wide variety of reporters and anchors.

Clinton’s condescending attitude toward the press was on full display Thursday. After delivering a blistering 30-minute speech attacking Trump before a relatively small crowd in Reno, Nevada, Clinton refused to answer questions from the press. Instead of offering some real answers, Hillary offered chocolates to the lapdog journalists who supposedly cover her activities.

The fact that she thought she could buy off reporters with chocolate candies is more than comical. It shows her utter lack of respect for today’s political journalists. Her obvious stalling tactics have worked for almost nine months, during which time her campaign has been rocked by multiple scandals.

From Benghazi revelations to email disclosures to the latest corruption uncovered at the Clinton Foundation, Hillary has many raging controversies and brewing scandals that she needs to address. Instead of providing the American people some real answers and the truth, Hillary Clinton has given the media total silence until yesterday when she supplied not answers, but chocolates.

Clinton is not only avoiding questions about potential corruption and illegal activity; she is also avoiding nagging questions about her health and her stamina. While Trump does multiple rallies per week, Hillary has a very limited schedule with plenty of rest between events. As evidence, she will not be doing another public event until next Wednesday.

With only 73 days until the election, Hillary Clinton had not provided satisfactory information about her health, her emails or her promises made to Clinton Foundation donors. Unfortunately, there are no Sam Donaldson type reporters today demanding she answer these questions. The media watchdogs are gone, replaced by liberal lapdogs who spend all of their time attacking Donald Trump.

It is clear that Hillary Clinton does not believe the public has a right to know the truth. Her attitude seems to be that the American people are her subjects who should be thankful and not question her authority. If elected, she’ll provide bread and chocolates and no more.

Unless the American people wake up and prevent this nightmare, the era of Queen Hillary could be upon us.

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We will by Jim Downey

We will


We will, we will, we will? Lets throw some common core math mixed into Hillary’s “We will” This will probable make some supposedly journalist head hurt. How many I’s does it take before it equals a We? How many “you’s” does it take to make a We? Obama said “You did not build it” If you” did not build it, does that mean, “we” did not build it too? I would suspect he / she or a combination or a mixture of both, did not build it either. If I = S and Y = We and stuff = X, then X a variable of “you-all” or “you-s-guys” is an unknown individual or group. Is it possible then that all the stuff that we didn’t build just appeared? Or in a space far far away Yoda made a determination on the above formula that we are really full of it, and pies are round. When Hillary said “we will” does that mean she has a mouse in her pocket or maybe Bill? The only thing lacking in her acceptance speech was her standing there with her hands on her hips and some neck twisting followed by finger shaking, which I expect Bill really loves. I thought it was really nice that Hillary gave her General with PTHD a JOB. Also I was wondering why Mr. Khlan did not blame his country for his son’s death. While on the subject of “ we” journalist, seems most of them failed the morals classes and the” we the people” class. Most need to get out of their office and visit the world outside of America and then spend some time in the country outside of the big cities. Stop doing journalist stuff from the TV propaganda. Forget POLE numbers, Pole number come from people who are not working, as the working stiff do not have time to answer stupid pole questions. Most working folks think reporters, journalist, and talking heads on the news meet the military definition of a “cluster truck sp.” How about going back to school and learning about writing in spoken English, the power of cash, and visiting the “hood.”

Jim Downey

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The Great Flood of 2016 has devastated 40,000 homes across the state of Louisiana. Sadly, 13 people have lost their lives in this historic storm, which produced up to 31 inches of rainfall in some areas over the course of four days. This is more rainfall than the City of Los Angeles experiences in four years. It was a storm that was so intense that it only happens once every one thousand years.

Emergency officials claim that the Great Flood of 2016 is the worst natural disaster in this country since Hurricane Sandy in 2012. After that storm, President Obama famously met with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to show support for the region.

This time it is a much different scenario. Despite the magnitude of the disaster, President Obama has not visited the region. In fact, he has not even stopped his vacation at Martha’s Vineyard or playing golf. The images of our golf obsessed President enjoying his favorite pastime while his fellow citizens are in such pain is quite troubling to say the least.

Over the course of almost two terms, Obama has played more than 300 rounds of golf. This compares to President George W. Bush who played only two dozen rounds of golf during his two terms in office. In 2005, Bush was roundly criticized for his tardy response to the disastrous Hurricane Katrina. No one can forget the images of Bush looking out of the window of Air Force One at the devastation below. However, at least he flew over the region and eventually visited the area multiple times before the end of his presidency. In contrast, Obama has not even ended his expensive vacation and his golfing with Hollywood stars.

The media crucified Bush for his delayed response in 2005, but are giving Obama a pass this year. Even Democrat Governor of Louisiana John Bel Edwards had to cover for Obama maintaining in an interview on MSNBC that he did not want a presidential visit at this time. He claimed it would divert resources that were needed for the recovery. However, back in 2005, during an even worse disaster, no one came to Bush’s defense. He was pilloried mercilessly for not immediately visiting the New Orleans area.

An Obama visit would have been helpful because it would have highlighted the needs of the region. This area has suffered a tremendous blow considering that so many of the victims did not have flood insurance as their houses had never flooded before. Unlike so many of the victims of Hurricane Katrina, the victims of this disaster live in areas that are above sea level and are not considered flood zones.

At least Donald Trump and Mike Pence visited Louisiana, showing leadership and concern and giving the thousands of victims some much-needed attention. Even with the incredible magnitude of the disaster the national media has moved on from the Louisiana flood and the story is not generating headlines any longer. With Trump and his running mate in the state, it guarantees that the plight of the many victims of this horrible natural disaster will receive more media coverage.

Trump’s visit will also spur more donations to the agencies that are providing vital resources to the many thousands of victims who need help. By expressing his sympathy and personal concern, he is also giving a boost to people who have lost everything and are in tremendous pain. He is also acting presidential, a trait that has been in short supply for the past eight years.

While Trump was on the ground in Louisiana, Hillary Clinton was literally phoning it in, calling the Governor and tweeting a link for donations. She will visit the state next week, as will President Obama, finally. Clearly, Trump shamed both of them into scheduling a trip to Louisiana. It is quite sad that Obama’s first reaction was not to personally visit the region and see the damage in person, but to continue his golfing vacation.

The victims of this horrific storm deserved the full attention of their President, instead they received visits from his underlings and saw images of Barack Obama riding around in a golf cart while their homes were literally under water. This whole episode has brought back painful memories of Obama’s pitifully slow response to the BP oil spill disaster in 2010.

Some Louisiana residents speculate that the reason for the President’s negligence is that this is a state that votes Republican. It is highly doubtful that a similar catastrophe in a “Blue State” would have been handled by the President in the same way.

Who knows the real motivation for his inattention to Louisiana, but at least we do know some good news, Obama leaves office in five months.

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In November, Americans will elect either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton as President. All minor party candidates as well as an upstart “conservative” alternative to Donald Trump have no prayer of victory. Any Republican or conservative who does not support the GOP nominee might as well join former liberal Connecticut Republican Congressman Chris Shays and formally endorse Hillary Clinton.

There are many groups of Republicans who are aiding and abetting Hillary Clinton. The establishment Republicans such as Bill Kristol, Mitt Romney and the Bush family are not supporting Trump. There is also a group of “Never Trump” conservatives such as commentator Glenn Beck and Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse. There are also the former presidential candidates such as Texas Senator Ted Cruz and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham who signed a pledge to support the nominee, but refuse to follow through on their commitment.

Sadly, these Trump hating GOP leaders are being joined by other groups of disenchanted Republicans. Next week, an alliance of 70 Republicans will send an official letter requesting that the RNC stop supporting the Trump presidential campaign and focus on House and Senate races, in an effort to retain control of Congress. Among this anti-Trump GOP group is former New Hampshire Senator Gordon Humphrey and former Missouri Congressman Tom Coleman.

This follows a letter by 50 former security and diplomatic officials from Republican administrations who denounced Trump and his policies. In response, the GOP nominee said that Americans should blame such officials for making the world a “mess” and “such a dangerous place.”

There is also the “Free the Delegates” movement that is still trying to use RNC rules to replace Trump as the nominee. They are contacting RNC members in an attempt to persuade them that Trump is destined for defeat and needs to be ousted. This group failed spectacularly at the RNC Convention in Cleveland, but hopes that recent Trump controversies will spur the RNC to hold an extraordinary meeting to change nominees.

All of this is happening while a few Republicans in Congress have officially declined to support Donald Trump for President. The latest defection occurred this week when liberal Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins decided to formally reject Trump and announce she will not vote for him.

Every one of these announcements gets massive attention from the liberal news media who are working overtime to give the election to Hillary Clinton. They refuse to cover the real scandals involving the corrupt, lying Democrat nominee and instead focus on media created Trump controversies. These left wing reporters just love highlighting GOP leaders deserting their nominee. It is a sad day when Republicans are being used so effectively by the liberal news media to elect a scandal ridden candidate who belongs in the Big House, not the White House.

With these abandonments one would think Clinton has a lock on the election, yet the latest Los Angeles Times poll has Trump just one point behind. There is also good news in the important area of fundraising as the Trump campaign raised $82 million last month, a major improvement over the month before.

Anti-Trump Republicans are obviously ignoring this information because they want Hillary to win. In this election, Trump ran against the establishment and they cannot forgive him, so they are determined to elect Hillary. For much of the GOP ruling class, Hillary is a better choice because it will mean “business as usual” in Washington D.C. Trump promises massive change and that is the last thing the establishment wants. He also threatens the establishment’s cozy and profitable relationships in the Beltway, their globalist policies and the international trade deals which sellout American workers.

In contrast, Democrats are too smart to have any public infighting. After Bernie Sanders lost the nomination, he retired to Vermont and bought an expensive vacation home. Inquiring minds want to know how Bernie, who never worked until the age of 40 and lives on his Senate salary, can afford three expensive homes. Nonetheless, he is relaxing in luxury and is perfectly comfortable with Hillary Clinton as the nominee, even though some of his supporters remain upset about how he was treated by the DNC.

Thus, the loser of the Democratic presidential nomination urged unity and disappeared from the spotlight, while too many of the Republicans who lost the presidential race remain in the news and continue to campaign against Donald Trump. If Trump loses, all of the oppositional Republicans will deserve blame.

Never before has there been so much infighting within the GOP after a candidate has secured the nomination. Even for horrible presidential candidates like Senator John McCain in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012, the party coalesced behind the nominees and there was unity.

This election is different because the nominee is not a politician, but a businessman. Trump has never run for office before and speaks his mind openly, without politically correct talking points. He also represents the often overlooked grassroots of the Republican Party. In this election, he won close to 14 million votes, more than any other GOP presidential candidate in history. In the process, he won 37 states and three times more delegates than his nearest competitor.

In reality, his critics have a problem not just with Donald Trump, but with his millions of supporters, who have had enough of the politics as usual system and the cronyism of the establishment. These elitists are upset that the Republican voters had the audacity to actually nominate a candidate who was not selected for them by the establishment.

This election is example of the classic struggle between the people and their political overseers. The GOP elite are desperate to maintain power and they’ll gladly destroy the party, if not the country, before they allow Donald Trump to be elected President of the United States.

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UN Vehicles Flood America!

UN Vehicles Flood America! Here’s 100% Truth No Media Outlet Is Telling You About These Vehicles

UN Vehicles Flood America! Here’s 100% Truth No Media …
Here’s the link that goes with the video: http://freedomnationnews.com/un-vehicles-flood-america-heres-the-100-truth-no-media-outlet-is-telling-you-illegal-t…

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TRUMP VS. THE WORLD by Jeff Crouere


The presidential race has now become Donald Trump versus the world. The outsider businessman is facing a vast array of opponents that is unprecedented in American politics. The attacks against Trump have worked perfectly to assist Hillary Clinton, his ethically challenged opponent. She refuses to hold news conferences or answer truthfully about her email scandal, foundation fundraising or Benghazi, but is now leading by a comfortable margin.

It will only get worse for Trump over the next three months. While he overcame unfair media treatment in the primaries and dispatched the party establishment and 16 entrenched candidates to win the nomination, the level of resistance he will face in the general election will be much greater. This tsunami of opposition will be designed to deny Trump the White House.

Of course, Trump must deal with Hillary Clinton and her corrupt political machine. This is the same campaign that used DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz to rig the nomination process and thwart the chances of insurgent candidate Bernie Sanders. As the WikiLeaks email disclosures proved, Clinton was guaranteed the nomination no matter how well Sanders did.

In the general election, Clinton will attempt to derail Trump, a political newcomer, by taking advantage of her usual dirty tricks and decades of political experience. She will also have the complete loyalty and support of the mainstream news media. Every day, Clinton is given a steady stream of positive media coverage, while Trump is constantly savaged. The latest analysis from the Media Research Center shows the mainstream news media gave the Democratic National Convention more attention and much more positive coverage than the Republican National Convention.

In the last few days, the media has been going crazy giving non-stop positive coverage to Khizr Khan, who lost a son in the Iraq War. Khan and his wife were featured at the Democratic National Convention and have been giving interviews responding to the supposed “attacks” from Donald Trump. In fact, the only “attack” from Trump was a question about whether Mrs. Khan, a Muslim, was allowed to speak at the convention. It is indisputable that women are treated as second class citizens in many Muslim nations, but this painful reality has been ignored by the media in their obsession to condemn Trump.

While Mr. and Mrs. Khan has been given tremendous attention, Pat Smith, the mother of Sean Smith, who was killed in Benghazi, has been practically ignored by the media. She has been speaking out for almost four years, blaming her son’s death on the inaction of then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Ms. Smith also claims that Clinton attributed her son’s death to an Internet video, thus lying to her about why Sean Smith was killed. Even though she is both compelling and genuine, Ms. Smith has been rarely, if ever, given an opportunity to tell her important story. According to the Media Research Center, the Khans received 50 times more media coverage from the major broadcast networks than Ms. Smith after her speech at the Republican National Convention. This is just another indication that media bias is real and a very useful tool for Hillary Clinton in her campaign against Trump.

The Donald also has to deal with the usual array of special interest groups, from unions to Hollywood stars, who always support the Democrat Party. However, in this election, Trump faces internal opposition that most Republican nominees do not have to face. Trump is opposed by the Republican Party establishment, represented by commentators such as Bill Kristol and politicians such as the Bush family and Mitt Romney. Trump also is opposed by wealthy donors like the Koch brothers, who refuse to support him in this election, in effect, providing a major assist to Hillary Clinton.

There are also the “Never Trump” Republicans, such as Senator Ted Cruz and his conservative purist supporters, who somehow believe that the nation can survive four years of Hillary Clinton and another GOP nominee can save the country in 2020. Unfortunately, after several Clinton Supreme Court nominations, it will be too late for America in 2020. The inescapable truth is that this election is our last chance to save the country.

Finally, Trump is taking on the globalists and the foreign interests who have benefited from decades of support from our country. Trump believes in “America First” and this is a direct threat to many foreign leaders who do not want to pay for their own defense costs and who profit by taking jobs from Americans and selling cheap exports to our country. This week in a news conference Barack Obama expressed the globalist view perfectly when he labeled Trump as someone who “doesn’t have the judgment, the temperament, the understanding to occupy the most powerful position in the world.”

Of course, Barack Obama was elected President after serving less than one term as U.S. Senator and had no experience on the world stage. Obama was a community organizer for years, not an ideal training ground for the presidency. In contrast, Trump has been an international businessman and has spent decades building a worldwide empire. His lack of experience as a politician is exactly why so many people are attracted to his campaign.

In the remainder of the campaign, the unrelenting attacks from all sides will continue. If Trump is going to prevail, he must go over the heads of his many critics and directly adders the American people on the vital issues which are at stake in this election. He needs to continue to emphasize safety, jobs, law and order, secure borders and his “America First” agenda.

If he can cut through the noise and focus on this agenda, he can win, but he must not get sidetracked by his innumerable opponents who want to talk about everything but the real issues that are impacting millions of Americans.

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Well, it was a rocky coronation for Hillary Clinton. Although she secured the controversial nomination, her acceptance speech was widely panned, even criticized by Democrat operative David Axelrod. In fact, it was so boring that her husband fell asleep during her 56 minute excursion into political fantasy land.

It remains to be seen what kind of bounce she will receive in the polls. After the GOP finished their convention, Donald Trump secured the lead for the first time in months. Except for the establishment and some die hard Ted Cruz supporters; the Republican Party is united behind Trump as their nominee.

In contrast, the Democrats started their convention in total disarray as the WikiLeaks email bombshell clearly showed the DNC favoritism toward Clinton that Bernie Sanders had complained about during the campaign. The result was that DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was forced to announce her resignation as the convention started. She was even booed off the stage at a gathering of Florida delegates.

Many progressives remain rightly furious at the DNC and the Clinton campaign for a rigged process that gave her the nomination. It’s too early to determine how many of these supporters will stay home, vote third party, support Trump or eventually follow the lead of the Vermont Senator and support Clinton.

While the convention concluded under a cloud of criticism, troubling questions about the Democrat Party vice presidential nominee were totally ignored by the liberal media. Last weekend, Clinton made the “safe” choice and selected U.S. Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) as her running mate. Kaine is considered to be a moderate, as he is on the opposing side from the progressive wing of the party on many issues. Kaine is a staunch supporter of the Trans Pacific Partnership, a hated trade deal that was opposed by Sanders and Donald Trump, and became a major issue in this year’s presidential race.

Kaine is very close to the big banks and financial industry. According to Trump, Kaine is “in the pocket of Wall Street.” Unlike Trump and Sanders, Kaine supported the Iraq War, another issue that will certainly not endear him to the party’s loud progressive wing.

Supporters of Israel should be concerned about Kaine as well. He was one of only eight members of the U.S. Senate to boycott the historic speech of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Congress in March of 2015. He received financial donations from Esam Omeish, a radical Muslim operative who is associated with the terrorist organization the Muslim Brotherhood. Kaine appointed Omeish to the Virginia Immigration Commission even though Omeish is Vice President of a dangerous mosque that was led by terrorist Anwar Al-Awlaki as its Imam and had other terrorists in the congregation including two 9/11 hijackers and Nidal Hasan, who targeted his fellow Fort Hood soldiers, killing 13 and wounding 32, in the 2009 massacre.

To make matters even worse, Kaine claims that he is a “strong supporter of the nuclear agreement with Iran” and said the deal is “a dramatic improvement over the status quo.” This deal is strongly opposed by Israel, which considers it a threat to the country’s survival. Trump and other Republicans have blasted the deal as contrary to American interests, especially since it allowed Iran to access $150 billion in frozen assets.

If elected Vice President, Kaine also promised the Spanish television network Telemundo that he would push a bill to legalize all illegal immigrants during the first 100 days of the new administration.

Another issue which may cause Kaine trouble in battleground states is his staunch opposition to the Second Amendment. He has consistently received an “F” from the NRA. For example, as Governor of Virginia, Kaine vetoed a bill that would have given motorists the right to carry a gun in their vehicles for self-defense.

Even more troubling than his controversial positions, Kaine’s decision to accept lavish gifts while Governor of Virginia may be his Achilles’ heel. Trump has labeled Kaine “corrupt” since he accepted over $201,600 in gifts while serving as Governor of Virginia, according to the Virginia Public Access Project. Interestingly, former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell was indicted by federal prosecutors for accepting gifts in exchange for political favors.

Some of the gifts Kaine received included an $18,000 Caribbean vacation, $5,500 in clothing, trips to the NCAA basketball Final Four, as well as travel expenses for political events and conferences. These gifts were provided by his political donors, a major pharmaceutical company and the largest electrical provider in Virginia among others.

It certainly seems that Kaine is a typical politician who enjoyed all the benefits of his elected office. This type of “politics as usual” attitude is exactly what millions of American voters are tired of tolerating. It is one of many motivating factors that will drive turnout among the electorate this November.

Kaine and his running mate are both old school Democrats who take advantage of perks and bend the law to their advantage. Both of them have been in politics for decades and in this change election, they are clearly on the wrong side of history.

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Donald Trump gave the speech of his life to conclude a rowdy, but successful, Republican National Convention. As with all Trump productions, there was showmanship and plenty of self-promotion and the American people loved it. Ratings skyrocketed with over 22 million Americans tuned in to the GOP Cleveland convention on a daily basis.
In his masterful 76-minute speech, Trump covered all of the important issues such as ending political correctness, rebuilding our infrastructure, restoring our economy, creating jobs, taking the fight to ISIS, restoring our military might, ending Obamacare, and appointing conservative justices to the Supreme Court. However, he gave special focus to three issues: combating illegal immigration, ending bad trade deals and restoring law and order. Trump also said he would be the “voice” of the American people and lead the fight against a rigged system.
He also outlined Hillary Clinton’s abysmal record as Secretary of State and the disasters that she left behind in Libya, Iraq, Syria and other countries. Trump said that Clinton’s legacy was “death, destruction, terrorism and weakness.” He referenced her improper handling of classified materials and her deletion of 33,000 emails “so the authorities can’t see her crime.”
As one of his major themes, Trump outlined an “America First” policy which includes “safe neighborhoods, secure borders and protection from terrorism.”
According to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Trump’s speech rivaled “Reagan at his peak.” Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani said it was the “best acceptance I’ve ever seen.”
The majority of the American people also registered their approval of Trump’s speech. In a CNN/ORC poll, 57% expressed a “very positive” reaction, 18% had a “somewhat positive” reaction, while only 24% had a “negative” reaction. In addition, 73% of respondents said that the policies proposed by Trump in his acceptance speech will move America in the right, while only 24% said his plans would move the country in a negative direction.
Pollster Frank Luntz believes that the speech will propel Trump to a tie with Clinton or give him a small lead in the presidential race.
Now that the GOP Convention is over, the nation’s media will immediately descend on Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention. After the colorful and rambunctious Republican National Convention, the Democrat Party will feature a boring showcase of status quo politicians. There will be no drama, no excitement and no battles over the rules or endorsements. All of the Democrats have fallen in line behind Hillary Clinton, despite the FBI Director’s condemnation of her “extremely careless” handling of classified and top secret correspondence.
If, heaven forbid, Hillary Clinton is elected, she will continue to expand the disastrous healthcare nightmare known as Obamacare. She will undoubtedly nominate hardcore liberal Supreme Court justices. Clinton will also grow government, raise taxes, attack Second Amendment rights, expand the disease of political correctness, decimate our military, and allow more illegal aliens to enter the country among other issues.
In 2016, Republican voters defied the party elites and selected an unlikely non-politician as their nominee. In contrast, the Democrats will offer to the American people a typical politician who has limited real world, private sector experience and a non-existent record of accomplishment in her career of government service.
Hillary Clinton has been in the public eye for almost 30 years, serving in a variety of government positions such as U.S. Senator and Secretary of State. Now, she wants to graduate to the position of President of the United States. After being denied her party’s nomination in 2008, Clinton assembled the entire leadership of the Democrat Party to back her in this race. Her opponent had no chance of victory as Hillary controlled hundreds of super delegates, who backed her regardless of how Democrats voted across the nation.
In his acceptance speech of the GOP Vice Presidential nod Wednesday night, Indiana Governor Mike Pence labeled Clinton to be the “Secretary of the Status Quo.” This is a perfect description of someone who will offer nothing new to a country in desperate need of new leadership. Donald Trump is the change agent America needs, while Hillary Clinton is a stale and failed politician from yesteryear.
If elected, Clinton will be a tool of the special interests, Wall Street and the power brokers in the Democrat Party. If Trump is elected, he will be an independent leader answering only to the American people.
The choice is clear, and the stakes are extremely high; the status quo or change; continuing down the road to socialism or reversing course and embracing capitalism; saving our country from terrorism, illegal aliens, and criminals who target police officers or moving the country toward more lawlessness and chaos?
Hopefully, the American people will choose well in November. It may be our last chance to save America.
P.S. To order a copy of Jeff Crouere’s new book, “America’s Last Chance,” visit www.JeffCrouere.com

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