Vet statues NO 3/8/17 by Jim Downey

Vet statues NO


The racist are loose again in New Orleans. Now they have spit in the Eye of all Veterans. The Soldiers on the statues did not start the civil war. (Conflict) Soldiers’ do not start wars, but lots die because of it. Evidently the term “follow the money” was not included in their thought process. How much tourist money is involved? How many of those tourist are veterans. Did they consider money to be lost by the absence of tourist money from the following: The Word War Two Museum, the Confederate Museums (Memorial Hall), Military associations, DAV, VFW, Legion), history buffs, the surrounding military bases, the vets working for the city, vets in small business. Vets, like Elvis, are every place, every color, quietly but still involved. One final thought, what do Confederate Veterans have in common with Vietnam veterans? They both lost and were not welcomed home.

Jim Downey

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